Annual General Meeting

The HBA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 28th March 2020, at the Holiday Inn Bolton Centre, 1 Higher bridge Street, Bolton, BL1 2EW, during our National Conference. Attendance at the meeting is open to representatives of all Full Member stations, and to Associate Members, without charge. The person representing your station will need to:

  • be a "Station Administrator" of your station according to our membership database (anyone who is a Station Administrator can check who else is affiliated with their station, and the access level granted to them by visiting our Station Affiliates page); or
  • have a completed "Authorised Representative" form signed by one of your station's committee members.

If no-one from your station is able to attend the meeting, you are encouraged to appoint a proxy – which can be the meeting's chairman – to vote on your station's behalf. The appropriate forms will be available on this page once the nominations have closed and the agenda is finalised.

Trustee Elections - call for nominations

Have you thought of becoming a Trustee of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, working at a national level to further hospital radio? Now is your chance! Nominations are accepted from any volunteer at any member station. More details below...

More details about the Trustee roles and the AGM

The HBA Trustee Board currently consists of:

  • Elected Trustees: Nigel Dallard (Board Secretary), Darran Huish, Grant McNaughton (Chair),Graham Medhurst (Vice Chair), Ian Pinnell, Sam Smette
  • Appointed Trustees: Mike Sarre (Treasurer), (2 x vacancies)

The roles within the Trustee Board of Chair, Vice Chair, Board Secretary, and Treasurer are appointed by the Trustees from within the Elected Trustees, or by the recruitment of Appointed Trustees. The latter positions are to allow the Trustees to appoint people with specific skills and/or knowledge that will benefit the governance of the Association, from inside or outside the hospital broadcasting community.

At this AGM, the terms of office of Darran Huish and Ian Pinnell expire. 

How to put yourself forward

Nominations for these Trustee positions are now invited. Simply complete the nomination form and send it by email to the Trustee Board Secretary. Nominations must be received by by Saturday 29th February 2020.

Both Darran and Ian have indicated that they intend to seek re-election, but this should not put you off putting yourself forward for election. Nominations are particularly sought from candidates who feel that they will bring new skills, knowledge or perspective to the Trustee Board.

Important information about the role

The positions carry the responsibilities of Charity Trustee, and all nominees must be a “fit and proper” person for appointment. There is a detailed role description, and further general information about being a Charity Trustee is available in "The Essential Trustee" from the Charity Commission. If you would like more information about what the role entails, please contact the Trustee Board Secretary. or any of the current Trustees without obligation.

Trustee Board meetings are currently usually held in Central London on the third Saturday of January, March, May, July, September, and November, starting at 11am.

Members' AGM Motions

If your station wishes to put forward a motion for consideration at the AGM, please forward it, signed by a representative of two member stations, to the Trustee Board Secretary. by Saturday 29th February 2020.

Formal Notice of Meeting

The formal notice of meeting, along with the agenda, the nominations for election, an Appointed Representative/Proxy card, and the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts will be sent to each station's Main Contact around three weeks before the meeting.

Informal Meeting

The formal AGM will be followed by an informal meeting during which those present can pose questions on a wider range of topics relevant to hospital broadcasting, either to the HBA Trustees or to their fellow hospital broadcasters.