National Hospital Radio Awards - 2016 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the National Hospital Radio Awards, which were announced at the Hilton Hotel, London Watford, at the HBA National Conference.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent year-on-year standards found in hospital radio stations across the country.

The awards are open to any HBA member station; full details and application documents can be found on these pages.

The awards are divided into different categories, each one recognising a specific area of excellence; some are awarded to individuals, others to stations.

Most of the categories recognise gold, silver, and bronze winners; however, some prizes are awarded to only one individual with no runner-up places.

You can find all of the winners photographs on a dedicated OneDrive.

Comments from Around the ..... Earth?

Stars from the world of music, radio and television once again showed their support to Hospital Broadcasters, during the National Hospital Radio Awards Ceremony this year.

Via the big screen, a number of video messages were sent for those attending the ceremony, among them Sky's Kay Burley and Radio 2's Ken Bruce.

Also appearing was former Knightrider and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, while the biggest cheer of the night went to Childrens TV star Sweep (of Sooty and Sweep fame!)


You can now see all the videos from the National Hospital Radio Awards on the website.


There was also a greeting from British astronaut Major Tim Peake. He tweeted his support direct from the International Space Station.


Your Winners


Station of the Year

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Gold: radio brockley

"One judge said there are more voice on this entry than others I’ve heard, which is lovely. The audio of Emily and her brain tumour story brought a tear to one judges eye and was well handled by the presenter. Another judge said it’s clear Radio Brockley is an integral part of their hospital – not just broadcasting for the patients but also covering various staff events too.
A great listen and a deserved winner…"

Silver: Radio Tyneside

"The judges said this station offered show much, from it’s station imaging to its specialist programming there’s a lot going on from a station that’s clearly at the heart of their local community. The Geordie Hour was a delight has was Healthwatch Newcastle and there was mention too of the religious programming which was more than usual service from the chapel."

Bronze: Hospital Radio Plymouth

The judges loved the real hospital community elements to Hospital Radio Plymouth. One said the specialist content is incredible and they particularly mentioned the dementia poem as being outstanding.

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Station of the Year - Radio Brockley

Play Radio
Brockley's Gold Entry

Play Radio Tyneside's
Silver Entry

Play Hospital Radio Plymouth's
Bronze Entry


Male Presenter of the Year

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Gold: Dave Warren
Hospital Radio Basingstoke

"Friendly, warm and relevant were just three words the judges used to sum up Dave’s entry. He’s more than just a presenter, gets involved in debate on issues and fundraising too and all loved the interview with the local MP.
The judges said it was nice to hear the patients and it’s clear Dave has a good relationship with them."

Silver: Rajiv Hasan Nottingham' Radio

"The judge said Rajiv is multi-talented, showing great variety and a very professional style of broadcasting.
The loved his patient interviews and stories relevant to hospital life and has a warm style in the way he communicates with guests, patients and callers."

Bronze: Dan Sambell Coventry Hospital Radio

"The judges said Dan is someone who really cheers you up. He clearly has a love for Coventry and has bags of energy. His entry was packed full of relevance to the hospital and local area. "

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Male Presenter of the Year
Play Dave Warren's
Gold Entry

Play Rajiv Hasan's
Silver Entry

Play Dan Sambell's
Bronze Entry


Female Presenter of the Year

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Gold: Peggy Mack
The Hospital Broadcasting Service

"Peggy calm and reassuring style – coupled with her cheeky humour and a sharp wit – makes her a worthy winner.
Her soothing voice has a beautiful musical quality to it.
One judge said, listening to Peggy is like having your best friend sat right next to you, holding your hand and telling you everything will be already."

Silver: Christine Rowley Hospital Radio Basingstoke

"The judges felt Christine’s strong connection with the patients and the hospital really shone through. She sounds great fun to be with as well as to listen too."

Bronze: Tindy C Radio Fox

"The judges loved Tindy’s empathy with her listeners and her warm and friendly broadcasting style. Another example of great hospital radio – Another judge said she’s a real ray of sunshine."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Female Presenter of the Year


Play Peggy Mack's
Gold Entry

Play Christine Rowley's
Silver Entry

Play Tindy C's
Bronze Entry


Special Event

Gold: Walk for Wards

"The judges loved how the hospital connection was there in this piece. They enjoyed the interviews with people with an illness and staff too, explaining why it was so important to them to take part. One judge said “this is an excellent example of a how a Hospital Radio Station can connect directly with its audience like no other station”
Difficult topics, handily superbly. A great fundraising idea too."

Silver: The Great North Run 2015
Radio Tyneside

"Last years Great North Run entry won them Gold, this time it’s Silver….it’s only fair they give others a chance, having scooped 3 Golds already tonight! The judges said from the very start of the entry you can tell that everyone involved is proud to cover this incredible event in Tyneside. They state that their aim is to “paint pictures” and bring the fun and excitement of the run to the listeners. They certainly did that and I felt I was there with them."

Bronze: Children's Hospital of Wales, Phase Two Official Opening
Radio Glamorgan

The judges said it was a great entry – a nice mix of interviews and ticked the box – big time – for involving patients.
One judge said, if you were in hospital you’d be chuffed that you could be “there” at the launch of this new hospital.

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Special Event
Play CHBN's
Gold Entry

Play Radio Tyneside's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Glamorgan's
Bronze Entry


Best Speech Package

Gold: Dr Kinlay's Facebook
Radio Tyneside

"The judges felt this raised a smile, indeed more than a smile, it made them laugh out loud. Comedy can be difficult – comedy in hospital even more so but this entry hit the spot. A very entertaining, well thought out, production."

Silver: R.N.O.H Clinical Trials Day
Radio Brockley

"The judges enjoyed this entry, loving the variety and the ambition that went in to preparing this piece. The descriptions were ideal, bringing the event to life."

Bronze: Swooping In and Saving Lives
Sunshine Hospital Radio, Weston Super Mare

"The judges felt this was an interesting topic with a gripping interview with one patient, saved by the Air Ambulance. It’s a subject that will mean a lot to many of those listening."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Speech Package - Radio Tyneside Network
Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Radio Brockley's Silver Entry

Play Sunshine Hospital Radio's Bronze Entry


Best Newcomer

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Gold: Natalie Collins
hospital Radio bedside

"The judges described Natalie as a strong, confident and natural presenter who engaged brilliantly with her listeners.
They enjoyed her strong, youthful – yet inclusive – style and thought she was a deserved winner of Gold."

Silver: Katie Child, Radio Redhill

"The judges loved Katie’s manner with her interviewees. That word “warmth” is mentioned again.
One said she loved her nice soothing presentation style. A joy to listen too"

Bronze: Alastair McLoughlin, Inverness Hospital Radio

"A great and relevant listen is how one judged summed up this entry.
Another said they loved Alastair’s warm and friendly presentational style"

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Newcomer

Play Natalie Collins'
Gold Entry

Play Katie Child's
Silver Entry

Play Alastair Mcloughlin's
Bronze Entry


Best Specialist Music

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Gold: The Geordie Hour
Radio Tyneside Network

"One judge said they had to dig out their Geordie/English phrasebook for this one but they loved this entry. Fun, friendly, warm and engaging.
As one judge put it – Gary Hogg was pure belta (which is very good, apparently!)"

Silver: Sunday Ceilidh Inverness Hospital Radio

"One judge said – I knew nothing about Scottish music but, thanks to Graham, and after listening to this entryI felt I’d learned a lot more. It was informative, entertaining and very enjoyable."

Bronze: The Country Store Nottingham Hospitals' Radio

"The judges loved the style of presentation in this entry – and thought the interviews were well produced and prepared. A real passion for the subject shone through."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Specialist Music Programme

Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Inverness Hospital Radio's
Silver Entry

Play Nottingham Hospital Radio's
Bronze Entry


Best Programme with Multiple Presenters

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Gold: Ladies at Lunch, with Mandy and Beryl
Arrowe Sound

"The judges were in awe of Mandy and Beryl. Such a likeable duo, fun, friendly and would totally make you forget you were in hospital.
One judge said - I want to meet these ladies and lunch with them!"

Silver: iKidz Hospital Radio Bedside

"The judges again said this was a wonderful programme – with great use of patients in the show. We bet the kids love it, was one reaction.
Another judge said it was a very strong show – and they all loved the bits with the children."

Bronze: Your Choice with Jake and Julie Nottingham Hospitals Radio 

"The judges said this was a programme that truly cares about its audience and has wonderful fun with the patients.
An entertaining and great listen."

.National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Programme with Multiple Presenters

Play Mandy & Beryl's
Gold Entry

Play Hospital Radio Bedside's
Silver Entry

Play Nottingham Hospital Radio's
Bronze Entry


Station Promo or Trailer

sponsored by Smile!

Gold: Radio Time
Radio Tyneside

"One judge said in a word…perfect.
It was succinct, said all that needed saying in a fun and creative manner.
Another judge said it’s exactly how a promo should be!"

Silver: The VIP Request Show Hospital Radio Chelmsford

"As with Radio Brockley, this was bang on target for Hospital Radio. It was very informative and loved how VIP stood for Very Important Patient. Excellent is how one judged summed up this entry."

Bronze: Thursday Live Radio Brockley

"The judges said this promo sounded very much on target and what a Hospital Radio Station should be doing. A great use of different patient voices, showing variety and a real understanding of what Thursday Live is all about."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Station Promotion

Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Hospital Radio Chelmsford's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Brockley's
Bronze Entry


Fundraiser of the Year

Winner: Chloe O'Czaja
Watford Hospital Radio

This year’s fundraiser of the year has only been with the station for a couple of years – yet in the time has proven to be a key asset in raising funds to keep the station on air.
They’re described as a breath of fresh air for the station and in the last year alone have organised more events than ever before, many of which have been organised from an actual hospital bed.
She organized a 60 hour marathon broadcast and, despite being in intensive care herself just weeks before the event, she was discharged on the morning of the broadcast and went straight to the studio to play her part – staying for around 40 of the 60 hours!
On top of all these events, she’s also worked tirelessly to secure funding for special patient goodie bags – helping ease the patients stay in hospital.

National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Fundraiser of the Year


The John Whitney Award

Winner: Keith Reeve
Radio Brockley

"Keith is someone who has served at their station for nearly 40 years. They’ve clearly safeguarded its existence through the many ups and down of hospital radio life.
They’ve shown to have a good relationship with hospital management, have led various upgrades at their station…being among the first to use the Wi-Fi Spark Service and has supported other stations too.
They’re a previous Gold Award Winner here at the Awards and as a presenter has led the station’s longest-running weekday shows in its history.
They’ve trained new presenters, supported other members, have demonstrated the key value of patient involvement and are – themselves – more involved than ever."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - The John Whitney Award