HBA Specialist for Management & Charity Governance Advice

Nigel Dallard - HBA Specialist for Management & Charity Governance Advice


is the current HBA Specialist for Management & Charity Governance Advice.

In his role as Specialist Advisor for Management and Charity Governance, Nigel provides advice and guidance to the management of member hospital radio stations on the legal aspects of running a hospital radio station. This typically covers such topics as: - interpreting and/or updating a charity constitution; - the content and format of Trustees' Annual Reports and Accounts; - the regulations surrounding trading and commercial sponsorship; - the process for dealing with internal tension; and - understanding the limitations imposed by a station's charitable objects; but questions can be many and varied. If Nigel doesn't know the answer, he is usually able to sign-post enquirers to someone who will know the answer, either within the HBA or outside.

All members of the Hospital Broadcasting Association are volunteers and will respond to any contact as quickly as possible. Please understand, however, that work or family commitments mean that availability may not always be immediate and may be limited to evenings and weekends.

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0300 121 0543
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