Supporting Hospital Broadcasting in the UK.

The Hospital Broadcasting Association is the national charity that supports and promotes Hospital Broadcasting in the UK.

We currently have over 170 individual broadcasting stations, representing 1000s of volunteers. Patients in many UK hospitals benefit from programmes designed to make life better for people in hospital and aid their recovery. The Hospital Broadcasting Association provides support, training and guidance to empower volunteers to provide the best service they can.

Support and Training

We support member stations and their volunteers through both representation and action.

The HBA liaises with charity regulators, broadcast and licencing bodies, and commercial organisations supporting hospital radio and highlighting the benefits of music and light entertainment in the hyper-local environment of individual hospitals or NHS Trusts.

The HBA also offers guidance and training to our member stations whether it is training presenters in interview techniques or guiding a management committee in the development of their station. We hold regular training events across the UK as well as an annual National Conference.

The Best of Hospital Radio

Each March the HBA hosts The National Hospital Radio Awards. This event showcases the stations and presenters who spend their free time perfecting their art of broadcasting as well as celebrating the shining beacons of a niche charitable industry.

Our Patron and Ambassadors

The HBA is proud of the support from Alan Dedicoat, the voice of the balls and Strictly Come Dancing, as the Patron of the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

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