We are BHR87.7 and in 2014 we celebrated 40 years of broadcasting from Basildon University Hospital , which is quite an achievement.

We not only broadcast from the inside of our studio, we also happily broadcast outside as well. On the day of our anniversary we took the radio to the patients, along with the Town Crier, Buzzy & Sunshine the Clowns, when we broadcast from one of the wards.

Our hospital Chaplains also join in our Sunday Breakfast Programme with "Their Thought For The Day" listen out for them at 9am.

When our presenters are not in the studio our 24/7 entertainment takes over playing a variety of music, useful information and the news on every hour. BHR87.7 has been lucky to welcome many visitors to the studios including actors, authors, musicians and even Billericay’s Town Crier.

One of our fund raising events recently consisted of a fun walk which our local MP John Baron, supports and organises every year with the help of local companies. Our walkers acquire sponsors and for every £100 raised we receive a percentage of the money local companies have placed in the pot. The extra funds are to be received at a special presentation ceremony next month.

Being a very happy bunch of people we have been known to meet for Saturday evening dinner at the local carvery, with entertainment being supplied by our presenters. We are fortunate that we have many amateur singing presenters and one that plays the ukulele .Being able to sing & dance, I would add, is not obligatory to joining us.

If you think you may like to join us please call us on 01268 282828 leaving your name and number and we will come back to you.

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