National Hospital Radio Awards - 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the National Hospital Radio Awards, which were announced at the Cloisters in Bolton as part of the HBA's annual conference.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent year-on-year standards found in hospital radio stations across the country.

The awards are open to any HBA member station; full details and application documents can be found on these pages.

The awards are divided into different categories, each one recognising a specific area of excellence; some are awarded to individuals, others to stations.

Most of the categories recognise gold, silver, and bronze winners; however, some prizes are awarded to only one individual with no runner-up places.


Your 2017 Winners Photographs are now available from the HBA Awards OneDrive



Your Winners


Station of the Year


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Gold: radio tyneside


One judge said he felt this was the most diverse and high quality hospital radio station in the UK -  certainly from the entries he’d listened too.  All agreed the station is firmly entrenched in the local community, the passion for the local area shines through in every event, OB and interview. The variety of programmes needs special mention. The team should be incredibly proud of this achievement, especially given the incredibly strong competition.


Silver: Radio Brockley


The judges said it’s clear the station is an integral part of the hospital and the local community.  Another judge said, the quality of the speech broadcasting is to be commended.


Bronze: Hospital Radio Plymouth


The judges loved the passion for the station and the quality of programmes. One said, this station is well-loved by its listeners and clearly understands the audience’s needs and what they want from the station.



National Hospital Radio Awards 2017 - Radio Tyneside


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Male Presenter of the Year


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The judges loved James story telling and listener engagement. As one put it, it’s why Hospital Radio is so great at what it does. A great broadcaster who understands his audience.

Silver: Thomas James Hospital Radio Bedside


If you’re in hospital, it would be great to spend a bit of time with Thomas. He’s uplifting and provides great feel-good radio – just what the doctor ordered, said one judge – apologising for the cliché!


Bronze: Peter May Hospital Radio Plymouth


The judges felt Peter had a really nice style to his broadcasting and they loved the patient – therefore listener – interaction. What Hospital Radio should be about, they said.



National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Male Presenter of the Year

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Play Thomas James' Silver Entry


Play Peter May's Bronze Entry



Female Presenter of the Year


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The judges said it’s clear Nita loves what she’s doing, connecting with her listeners – the patients.  Again, the word authentic was used – she was being herself and doing it brilliantly.


Silver: Mandy Morrow Radio Wey


The judges said Mandy was very relatable, they instantly connected with her.  One described her as a calm presence, mastering the art of talking to patients on air as she would off air.


Bronze: Ellie Jackson Harrogate Hospital Radio


The judges said they loved the fact was just, clearly being herself on the radio. As one put it, I got a feeling of real commitment – an authentic broadcaster, doing her thing.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Female Presenter of the Year



Play Nita Jhummu's Gold Entry


Play Mandy Morrow's Silver Entry


Play Ellie Jackson's Bronze Entry



Special Event






As with Durham’s piece, it felt as if we were – said the judges. It all moved along, like the run itself and was an engaging and fun listen. One judge said they clearly worked well as a team and said he’d be borrowing/stealing some of the ideas for his own station coverage of a similar event!



Silver: Durham Miners Gala (The Big Meeting) 2016

   Durham Hospitals Radio


The judges loved the coverage of the Miners Parade.  Great at painting images in the listeners mind, with plenty of flavour of the event. One judge said she felt immersed in the event, as if she was actually there.


Bronze: Baby Loss Awareness Week



The judges in this category said that, while studio based, it was beautifully put together.  It was emotive and a touching, thought provoking piece which was also very informative. A difficult subject done just right, was how one judge put it.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Special Event

     Play Radio Tyneside's Gold Entry


Play Durham Hospitals Radio Silver Entry


Play CHBN's Bronze Entry



Best Speech Package



Gold: the story of radio brockley

     radio brockley


The judges said this was a story well-told, and while about the station, it made it engaging rather than incestuous.  A real human, relatable treatment is how one judge summed it up. Al great start and not over-narrated, said another.



Silver: Jon Herd talking to Neil Jerffers, Chief Pilot with London Air Ambulance 

    Radio Hillingdon


The judges said this was a natural and interesting feature which really painted pictures for the listeners – what radio is truly all about. One judge said it featured a good interview with a well-cast subject.


Bronze: Living with Diabetes

     Radio Harrow


The judges agreed this was a very interesting package, with – what they describe as –a commendable structure and treatment.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Speech Package - Radio Tyneside Network

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Best Newcomer


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The judges said Max was someone who clearly works hard on the content of his show. A well rounded, well thought through broadcaster. Another said he has a lovely voice and a good understanding of his audience.  A joy to listen too.


Silver: Emma Boydell BHBN

All the judges said Emma was a bright and connecting broadcaster – a great listen, fun to spend time with, even when ill!



Bronze: Jon Stonefield The Hospital Broadcasting Service


The judges said they felt Jon was a  proper radio presenter full of fun and - as one put it  - invention. They liked that, despite it all, he never forgets his audience and connects with them in a fun, interesting, way.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Newcomer


Play Max Fosh's Gold Entry


Play Emma Boydell's Silver Entry


Play Jon Stonefield'sBronze Entry



Best Specialist Music


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Gold: The Geordie Hour

     Radio Tyneside


The judges loved the original theme and great presentational style in local dialect. It was a real pleasure to listen to this entry, I’m sure the listeners would love the programme too.

Silver: Eurovision Through the Years Radio Chelmsford


The judges said the entry included a strong presentation with a very good knowledge of the topic in hand.



Bronze: Music Travels Radio Brockley


The judges said this entry was a nice musical trip across the world, presented in an entertaining and engaging style.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Specialist Music Programme


Play Radio Tyneside's Gold Entry


Play Radio Chelmsford's Silver Entry


Play Radio Brockley's Bronze Entry



Best Programme with Multiple Presenters


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As the judges put it – this is what Hospital Radio is all about – INVOLVING PATIENTS.  They sounded fun, and there’s no way you could feel down while listening to this entry and programme. Another judge said they clearly put the patients first, second and third.



Silver: The Flagship Show Rookwood Sound


These two were a hoot – said one judge. Great chemistry said another.  A Phil and Holly, This Morning Feel to them and a really good listen, as a result.  One judge said they particularly loved the patient contributions.



Bronze: 65th Birthday Radio Tyneside


One judge said they thought the team and the show was very entertaining and interesting . Another said it’s clear they are passionate about who they are broadcasting too, which shines through every time they open the microphone.




.National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Programme with Multiple Presenters


Play The Wicked Weekday Show's Gold Entry


Play The Flagship Show's Silver Entry


Play Radio Tyneside's Bronze Entry



Station Promotion










The judges said this promo summed up the uniqueness of Hospital Radio, promting the kind of show that – like Chelmsford – no-one else does. One said the piece was “nicely impartial” while another commented on the Nice “chair” line included within the promo.


Silver: Hospital Radio Chelmsford at thw OSCAs Hospital Radio Chelmsford


The judges said this piece was very relevant and something only Hospital Radio could do. A unique piece, as one put it. The music choice for the promo was also highlighted as a good choice.


Bronze: It Started with Swap Shop Hospital Radio Basingstoke


The judges loved just how much work went in to this entry – they all agree it was very content heavy. One said it would generate great memories for the listeners, while another loved the montage that ran through much of the promo.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Station Promotion


Play Radio Glamorgan's Gold Entry


Play Hospital Radio Chelmsford's Silver Entry


Play Hospital Radio Basingstoke's Bronze Entry



Fundraiser of the Year









National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Fundraiser of the Year



The John Whitney Award







National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - The John Whitney Award