National Hospital Radio Awards Winners 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the National Hospital Radio Awards, which were announced at the De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor as part of the HBA's annual conference.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent year-on-year standards found in hospital radio stations across the country.

The awards are open to any HBA member station; full details and application documents can be found on these pages.

The awards are divided into different categories, each one recognising a specific area of excellence; some are awarded to individuals, others to stations.

Most of the categories recognise gold, silver, and bronze winners; however, some prizes are awarded to only one individual with no runner-up places.



Your Winners


Station of the Year


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   The judges said in a tight field, Brockley nudged ahead because there were simply no weak links. The coverage of hospital events was very well presented. As an award entry, this entry perfectly showcased the work of a loyal and dedicated team. Again, a diverse range of shows were presented but the stations overall quality was greater than the sum of its parts. A truly great hospital radio station at the top of its game.



Silver: Radio Tyneside

The judges said there was great warmth in this entry and, again, a diverse range of programming – from the Geordie Hour to the Great North Run to the football and more. The entry got better the more you got in to it.



Bronze: Hospital Radio Plymouth

  The judges said Hospital Radio Plymouth’s entry was very classy, with lots of diversity in programming and a great showcase of the basics in hospital radio.  One said he especially enjoyed the football and election coverage.




National Hospital Radio Awards 2017 - Radio Tyneside


Play Radio Brockley's Gold Entry


Play Radio Tyneside's Silver Entry


Play Hospital Radio Plymouth's Bronze Entry



Male Presenter of the Year


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The judges loved Glynn’s style on air. A nice, natural story-teller with a lot of warmth in his presentation and a great use of voice. Well worth listening to.  Just a shame you have to be ill to hear him!



Silver: Rajiv Hasan Nottingham Hospitals Radio

  The judge said Rajiv was very friendly, with plenty of engaging content and a warm style that keeps you listening. A funny and natural broadcaster, as one judge put it.



Bronze: Ross Coutts Radio Grapevine


The judges said Ross is a very accomplished presenter with a great interview technique. He sounds very comfortable on air and a good listen.



National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Male Presenter of the Year

     Play Glynn Thomas's Gold Entry


Play Rajiv Hasans' Silver Entry


Play Ross Coutts' Bronze Entry



Female Presenter of the Year


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  The judge said Mandy really makes you think when she’s chatting with you – and that’s the key, she’s chatting with YOU…just you, no-one else.  At least that’s how it feels. She has an engaging style and a great rapport too with her guests.


Silver: Julie Caston Nottingham Hospitals Radio

   The judges loved Julie’s presentational style, describing it as nice and friendly. They also felt there was good use of interview clips within her entry too, showing her diverse nature on air.



Bronze: Sam Jenkins Hospital Radio Chelmsford

   The judges described Sam as a very enthusiastic broadcaster with a charming style that is a real joy to listen too.





National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Female Presenter of the Year



Play Mandy Morrow's Gold Entry


Play Julie Caston's Silver Entry


Play Sam Jenkins' Bronze Entry



Special Event





   The judges said there’s something really special about this and they loved how a very visual thing is turned in to radio. The presentation was perfectly pitched for the audience.  One judge said, on paper this wouldn’t have won but I was drawn in and felt like I was stood on the platform – one of the best entries I’ve heard in a decade of judging these awards. 

Another said, it surprised, educated and entertained – I could even hear this appearing on the One Show!



Silver: 2017 General Election

   Hospital Radio Chelmsford

   One judge said – this is simply excellent. The presentation was excellent. This wasn’t just great hospital radio, it was great radio, full-stop.  Impressive, ambitious and really well executed.



Bronze: Durham Regatta

     Durham Hospitals Radio

The judges said this entry showed real high quality programming and great local radio – the host is well informed and an excellent interviewer.






National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Special Event

     Play Radio Redhill's Gold Entry


Play Hospital Radio Chelmsford's Silver Entry


Play Durham Hospitals Radio's Bronze Entry



Best Speech Package





   The judges said Plymouth’s entry really stood out – well put together, good story telling and narrative flow.  Outstanding, as one judge put it.


Silver: Eileen's Cheviot Challenge

   Durham Hospitals Radio

The judges loved this piece – it was a good countryside walk with again lovely sound effects and a genuine speech package of interest, painting pictures along the way – as only radio can.



Bronze: Rebuid of Royal National Orthopedic Hospital Buildings

    Radio Brockley

The judges agreed this was a very interesting package, with a good use of sound effects that brought the piece to life.






National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Speech Package - Radio Tyneside Network

     Play Hospital Radio Plymouth's Gold Entry


Play Durham Hospitals Radio Silver Entry


Play Radio Brockley's Bronze Entry



Best Newcomer


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   The judge said Tony was the stand out winner this year. A presenter who understands the one-on-one approach to broadcasting. Warm, friendly and a joy to listen too.


Silver: Anna Pangbourne Radio Cheklsea and Westminster

The judges loved Anna’s enthusiasm – she enticed me in, kept me listening and is a great communicator



Bronze: Richard Holmes Arrowe Sound

   The judges said Richard is a cheeky chappy who’s just a natural on the radio – who wouldn’t enjoy listening to him? A great presenter and one to watch for the future.





National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Newcomer


Play Tony Knight Gold Entry


Play Anna Pangbourne's Silver Entry


Play Richard Holmes' Bronze Entry



Best Specialist Music


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Gold: The Geordie Hour

     Radio Tyneside

       The judge summed up the entry by saying it was a really great concept, that was very well presented and knew it’s audience perfectly.


Silver: Fresh Sounds Radio Grapevine

The judges loved this – in their words – a proper rock/contemporary show. It was professionally presented with a great sense of place.



Bronze: Sunday Ceilidh Inverness Hospital Radio

The judges said the entry showed an amazing knowledge of its subject matter and a unique programme, showing the huge diversity of hospital radio.






National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Specialist Music Programme


Play Radio Tyneside's Gold Entry


Play Radio Grapevine's Silver Entry


Play Inverness Hospital Radio's Bronze Entry



Best Programme with Multiple Presenters


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  This programme really stood out – a brave programme to produce, effectively handing over the airwaves to an amazing group who handle it brilliantly and produce a warm, friendly, and brilliant programme that is worth listening to again and again. An excellent way to promote the Teenage Cancer Trust and an exceptional piece of radio.



Silver: Steve Allen and Debbie Brown Rookwood Sound


The judge said these two also had great chemistry. Good interaction, both between them and the listeners and guests too. They sound like they’re having fun, but that fun isn’t exclusive to the studio – it’s fun for the listeners too.



Bronze: The Evening Request Show with Steve and Ann Harrogate Hospital Radio

   The judges said Steve and Ann had a good chemistry and understood their listeners and who they were talking to. A good partnership, bringing a smile to the patients at a time when a smile is what they need.





.National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Best Programme with Multiple Presenters


Play Radio Glamorgan's Gold Entry


Play Rookwood Sound's Silver Entry


Play Harrogate Hospital Radio's Bronze Entry



Station Promotion










    The right tune, the right voice and a very effective message that was nicely executed.  It was warm and simply delightful. Damn Tyneside – they’ve done it again, as one judge in the room put it!



Silver: Our Station Radio Glamorgan

The judges said this promo really does explain what it’s all about, using real voices, packing lots into its 60 seconds. They loved the impression of the Go Compare man – one even asked, whether it was him or not?




Bronze: Kath Layte's 60s and 70s Show CHBN

The judges said this was just lovely. Using a tune we all know and love with some interesting lyrics. This promo has charm – who wouldn’t want to listen?






National Hospital Radio Awards 2016 - Station Promotion


Play Radio Tyneside's Gold Entry


Play Radio Glamorgan's Silver Entry


Play CHBN's Bronze Entry



Recognising Innovation Across Hospital Radio

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The John Whitney Award