35 Years Service to Radio DGH Acknowledged

Phil Moon, the newly elected President of Eastbourne's hospital radio, Radio DGH, had his 35 years of voluntary service with the station acknowledged at a ceremony on 6th June.

The Chief Nurse, Alice Webster, called forward volunteers with gradually increasing years of service until she got to 35 years.  Only one recipient, Phil Moon, came forward to receive his certificate and a specially commissioned glass trophy.

Phil was asked why he volunteered, especially for so long.  "For me it's ongoing pay back time!  I was born blind with congenital cataracts and after seven 3-hour operations (my how things have improved!) and thanks to the brilliant care at Great Ormond Street Hospital I was finally able to see. 

On the morning of my final operation I had a record dedicated to me 'Oh what a beautiful morning' from Oklahoma.  I have never forgotten the emotion of hearing that on the radio and am now repaying that gesture on a continuing basis.  Since then it has been proved that music in hospital forms part of the healing process, but then I already knew that!"