Celebrating 50 years at Inverness Hospital Radio this November

Inverness Hospital Radio will celebrate its 50th anniversary with the commencment of broadcasting online.

The 2nd of November 2021 marks 51 years of broadcasts by Inverness Hospital Radio. After not being able to mark the milestone of 50 years in 2020 due to COVID restrictions, the service will celebrate 51 years with the launch of online broadcasting. This launch day will see a full day of live broadcasting from our purpose-built studios at Raigmore and a launch of an exciting, packed schedule which will see a new dedicated request hour and more live and ‘in-house’ programming made by Inverness Hospital Radio.

Inverness Hospital Radio will continue to be available directly to patients at Raigmore via the ‘Hospedia’ system for free alongside the new online broadcast. Anyone will be able to listen via our website at http://www.invernesshospitalradio.co.uk but also on Smart Speakers and by using the ‘Tune In’ platform. There is no subscription required, the service will be free for all listeners.

Inverness Hospital Radio has been broadcasting a varied range of entertainment programming since its creation with the purpose of improving the mental health and well- being of patients to aid their recovery. With the ability to reach beyond Raigmore, Inverness Hospital Radio can continue to provide this service to listeners in other healthcare facilities or recovering at home. Inverness Hospital Radio will also promote health and well- being with their partner agencies to potentially prevent listeners entering the healthcare system at all. As a registered charity itself, inverness Hospital Radio would look to charities with a similar purpose to give them airtime to promote their services to listeners.

Founder Member and Honorary Life President of Inverness Hospital Radio, Donnie Aird, said:

“Hospital radio in the Inverness area was instigated on the 2nd of November 1970 by the late Alistair Gardner and me. The concept was to provide patients in the then five hospitals in the Inverness area with entertainment and more importantly a link with relatives and friends who could submit requests and greetings to be relayed to them by the service. At that time patients spent longer stays in hospital and in many cases far from their homes. Little did Alistair and I know fifty plus years ago that what we started would lead to the success of the service today and I am sure it will go on providing pleasure and information into the future, thanks to a very dedicated and in most cases long serving team of members. Thanks also to NHS Highland and their predecessors for their co-operation over many years.”

The Chair of Inverness Hospital Radio, Thomas Nelson, continued:

"The commencement of online broadcasting will enable our service to reach many more people out with our traditional listenership within Raigmore and the RNI. We hope to be able to reach out to any one in an NHS Highland facility and provide entertainment to benefit their well-being and assist their recovery, but also reach further to promote positive health messaging along with our partners. The online broadcast will enable friends and relatives of patients to share an experience together when they may not be able to be physically together."