David Peschier writes about Radio Marsden

When David Peschier founded Radio Marsden back in 1969, he never imagined it would still   be  going  strong 50 years later, nor that he would celebrate that milestone by writing a book about his time there.   

Both of these happened and ‘Radio Marsden – The early years of hospital radio at The Royal Marsden’ has recently been published on Amazon.

David explained how the book came about: 

“It was the invitation to attend the stations 50th birthday celebrations that gave me the idea. They asked me to say a few words so I retrieved my large box of Radio Marsden papers, photos and recordings from the loft   to remind myself of some of the facts.  I then began to think there might be enough for a book but did not want to write just about its history.”

David’s book takes its reader on a journey from how he first became interested in radio, to starting Radio Marsden and its challenging but often amusing early years. It also covers celebritity interviews and visits to the studio, including Roger Moore and John Cleese,  a heart-stopping moment on the River Thames, and a poignant interview with a young terminally ill patient.

David continued:

"I am hoping  other hospital radio volunteers will find my book  interesting and helpful as a comparison to their own experiences.”   

The book is available from Amazon  in both paperback and Kindle versions.