Demand for Local Hospital Radio Stations’, 2023 / 2024 Magazine, outstrips supply!

Demand for Seaside Hospital Radio (SHR), who broadcast to the patients, staff, visitors, and volunteers, of both Worthing Hospital, and Southlands Hospital, in Shoreham-by-Sea, new 2023 / 2024 magazine, has been so great, that an A5 flyer, has, had to be produced, to ‘tide them over’, until the new 2024 / 2025 issue, is printed, later on this year.

Seaside Hospital Radio (SHR), Radio Presenter, and Publicity Officer, Andy Martin tells us, “We had 1,000s’ of copies of the, 2023 / 24 issue, delivered only a matter of months ago, and normally this would have lasted us, until the Summer of 2024. However, the current magazine, has proved to be, so popular, that we’ve had to produce a flyer, which advises, how easy it is to listen in, directs the reader, to our
Website, ,where the 2023/24 magazine can be viewed, and read, and, also has the programme schedule, on its’ reverse. The flyers, are available, in both Worthing, and Southlands Hospitals, libraries, health centres, chemists, and retailers, in the area”. 

Andy continues, “SHRs’ studios’, have been based, at Southlands Hospital in Shoreham, for over 50 years. We’ve had many famous names, and former members associated with the station, including for example, national radio, and TV personality Simon Mayo, the late / great Ambrose Harcourt (Southern Sounds, Southern FM, Heart, Regency Radio, Brighton), and, regional television presenter Fred Dinenage
MBE, who was SHRs’, Vice-President, for 20 years”.

Seaside Hospital Radio, is available worldwide, on smart speaker, internet radio, or by going to To listen on a smart device, just say, for example, Alexa / Siri ‘play Seaside Hospital
Radio’, or scan the QR code, on the cover of the magazine, which can be viewed and read on SHRs’ Website, or by clicking here.