HBA Talks Hospital Radio with NHS England for Volunteers Week

As part of Volunteers' Week, the NHS have run a series of articles from volunteers within the NHS community including one from the Hospital Broadcasting Association.

Mel Ive is the Regional Manager of the HBA as well as the Chairperson on her local station, Radio Wrexham. Over her 18 years within the voluntary sector, Mel knows that “whatever you put in, you get out!”.

Hospital radio and its volunteers play a key role in providing not only music services, but many other valuable services in support to their hospitals and the NHS.

One of the most important and rewarding roles all hospital radio staff are involved in, is going around the wards visiting patients – and staff – asking for song requests.

This might not seem much, but imagine being in hospital, all alone, no friends or family able to visit you, surrounded by strangers. It can often be a scary situation.

Now picture a group of smiley, happy, bubbly people, of all ages, walking in and chatting to you about music and asking what songs you might like to hear – often just a five minute chat can make a patient’s week and, speaking from personal experience, there is nothing more worthwhile than seeing someone smile, and knowing you helped create that smile!

Mel's blog was published today, as well as all of the guest blogs from NHS Volunteers' on the NHS England website