HBA team up with One Million Moments Campaign

The Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) have teamed up with One Million Moments as media partner to help spread the word about the campaign amongst hospital, health and wellbeing broadcasters and stations across the UK.


One Million Moments is the work of Dr Maryhan, who is a world renowned parenting expert and psychologist. The One Million Moments campaign aims to reduce the number of children struggling with mental health challenges from the current 17% level to 10% by 2025.

Given their nature and broadcast settings, HBA Member stations are the perfect place to promote One Million Moments within healthcare settings, where the word can not only be spread to patients listening, but also hospital staff and members of the public where stations are heard in the community on FM/SSDAB or via internal speakers in public areas of hospitals.

HBA member stations will be provided with radio promotions/audio for broadcast and social media posts to share if they wish. There are also plans for a podcast which will be made available via the HBA’s Podcast network, that touches on several different stories behind the campaign.

Dr Maryhan, founder of the One Million Moments campaign commented: 

“I am so excited to be partnering with Hospital Broadcasting Association on such an important campaign. Spreading the word is crucial to the success of One Million Moments. By sharing resources and the stories of children struggling with their mental health we aim to highlight impactful change can begin with one single moment”

Liam Heffernan, HBA’s Digital Services Executive, said: 

“Helping One Million Moments to get their message out, and to play our part in tackling mental health issues in young people across the UK, is exactly what health and wellbeing broadcasting is all about. We are proud to support Dr Maryhan's work and such an important campaign”

More information about One Million Moments can be found on the website at onemillionmoments.org