Long Service Awards for Harrogate

Harrogate Hospital Radio recently celebrated a milestone with members who were recently presented with Long Service Certificates from the Hospital Broadcasting Association. Volunteers who have spent 10 or more years dedicating to ward visiting, studio maintenance or presenting are awarded by the HBA for their contribution to hospital radio.

  • Ellie Jackson - presenter/ Fundraising officer  10 years service 
  • Peter Atkinson - Request collector  10 years service 
  • Carl Waring - Presenter 10 years service 
  • Bill Caw - Presenter / Trustee 15 years service 
  • Oliver Stables - Presenter / Studio Controller 15 years 
  • David Simister - Publicity officer - 25 years 

Fellow members and colleagues at Harrogate Hospital Radio, and staff from the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust offer their congratulations to members receiving Long Service Certificates. Remember, you too can request your long service certificates on the HBA website