National Hospital Radio Awards - 2015 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the National Hospital Radio Awards, which were announced at the Marriott Hotel, Gosforth Park, at the HBA National Conference.

The National Hospital Radio Awards is an annual celebration of the excellent standards found in hospital radio stations across the country.

The awards are open to any HBA member station; full details and application documents can be found on these pages.

The awards are divided into different categories, each one recognising a specific area of excellence; some are awarded to individuals, others to stations.

Most of the categories recognise gold, silver, and bronze winners; however, some prizes are awarded to only one individual with no runner-up places. You can find all of the winners photographs as well as others from the HBA Conference 2015 on our pictures page.



Station of the Year

Gold: hospital radio plymouth

"Very professional - a real showcase. A true reflection. We loved the interaction at local events. A great range of speech shows, OBs and specialist mnusic. Packed a lot in, and it was good to hear so much content which relates directly to the hospital."

Silver: Radio Brockley

"Excellent quality of speech programming - both in terms of the content and also the way that it is handled. Some of this is of the same quality as you hear on BBC local radio. We liked the hospital awards section."

Bronze: Radio Glamorgan

"Nice use of interviews, and getting out into the local community. A good balance of content in the entry. We particularly liked some of the health elements - men's health week, and cancer awareness month. Strong speech content."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Station of the Year - Hospital Radio Plymouth

Play Hospital Radio
Plymouth's Gold Entry

Play Radio Brockley's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Glamorgan's
Bronze Entry


Male Presenter of the Year

Gold: Rhodri Buttrick
Hospital Radio Reading

"Rhodri loved being there - infectious, funny, interesting and engaging. There's no doubt he will chear-up patients!"

Silver: Joe Pilbrow, Radio Cherwell

"Just a great presenter - interesting, engaging with patients, fun and friendly from the start."

Bronze: Rajiv Hasan, Nottingham Hospitals' Radio

"Rajiv has a caring style - warm and friendly. Sounds like he could work for the BBC!"

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Male Presenter of the Year
Play Rhodri Buttrick's
Gold Entry

Play Joe Pilbrow's
Silver Entry

Play Rajiv Hasan's
Bronze Entry


Female Presenter of the Year

Gold: Asha Jhummu
Hospital Radio Chelmsford

"Asha is cheeky, friendly and fun!. A good pace to the links, and great confidence. You could tell Asha listens to ever word a caller says. And what a touch to actually go and see a patient who sounded down!"

Silver: Mandy Morrow, Radio Wey

"Mandy is the perfect tonic to being on a hospital ward. A great variety of guests and subjects, with a good awareness of the right interview tone. We could listen to Mandy all day - and loved the story of the old lady Doris who wanted a stripper!"

Bronze: Marge Walker, Radio Brockley

"Marge is confident and direct, with a conversational presentation style. Good pace and direction in interviews. Lots of laughs - great entertainment! You can tell she loves the show and the station."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Female Presenter of the Year - Collected on behalf by Radio Chelmsford

Collected on Asha's behalf by Graham Medhurst

Play Asha Jhummu's
Gold Entry

Play Mandy Morrow's
Silver Entry

Play Marge Walker's
Bronze Entry


Special Event

Gold: The Great North Run 2014, the One Millionth Runner
Radio Tyneside

"Different presenters in different locations covering different aspects of the start of the Great North Run made this an interesting, atmospheric, at times humourous, quick-paced programme with good continuity. The cleverness in not trying to cover the whole race meant that the presentation could be planned. The presenters also used words very well to describe what they were seeing, which greatly helped the listener."

Silver: Cardiff Half Marathon
Radio Glamorgan

"The start grabbed the listener immediately, and this was followed by a variety of presentation styles including telephone and live reports, and a cross section of interviewees from competitors to volunteers. A very slick, interesting programme with an easy-to-follow flow for a listener."

Bronze: Charity Bike Ride
Radio Brockley

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Special Event
Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Radio Glamorgan's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Brockley's
Bronze Entry


Best Speech Package

Gold: The Fairly Truthful Guide to Geordie
Radio Tyneside Network

"This is simple radio, but beautifully done. Excellently told and good use of sound effects. Outstanding. Very impressive editing, soundscaping and humour. Loved the knowledge, and particularly liked the subversion of Casablanca. Brilliantly executed."

Silver: King Alfred Buses
Winchester Hospital Radio

"Ambitious. Great effects. A good variety of voices and good storytelling - We wanted to hear more! Really enjoyed the on-location recording; it was really easy to imagine that you were on the bus."

Bronze: The Epping to Ongar Railway
Harlow Hospital Radio

"Ambitiouos and well-recorded. It told us things we didn't know. Good interviews. Lots of effects. Loved it!"

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Speech Package - Radio Tyneside Network
Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Winchester Hospital
Radio's Silver Entry

Play Harlow Hospital Radio's
Bronze Entry


Best Newcomer

Gold: Joe Pilbrow
Radio Cherwell

"Joe is relaxed, confident, in control and, as listeners, we really trusted him. A nice turn of phrase, good with children."

Silver: Ruth Stapleton, Auckland Hospital Radio

"Ruth is nice and bubbly - fun to listen to. Confident - you can tell she enjoys the show. Made us smile several times."

Bronze: Alison Sweatman, Radio Cherwell

"Alison sounded informed and natural when interviewing, and clearly had a passion for the orchestra. Good variety."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Best Newcomer - Joe Pilbrow

Play Joe Pilbrow's
Gold Entry

Play Ruth Stapleton's
Silver Entry

Play Alison Sweatman's
Bronze Entry


Best Specialist Music

Gold: The Geordie Hour
Radio Tyneside Network

"Great presentation style and content. Outstanding. Local radio could learn a lot from this show. Wonderful idea, executed with warmth and humour. Entertaining, engaging, and a joy to listen to."

Silver: Another Opening , Another Show Grampian Hospital Radio

"Good use of audio clips. Good to get a local perspective. We thoroughly enjoyed this engaging, interesting taking on the show - localising the content to the area to make it relevant to the audience."

Bronze: Just For The Record Hospital Radio Plymouth

"A very listenable, well-researched show, packed full of interesting facts. An informative and easy listen."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Best Specialist Music Programme - Radio Tyneside Network

Play Radio Tyneside's
Gold Entry

Play Grampian Hospital Radio's
Silver Entry

Play Hospital Radio Plymouth's
Bronze Entry


Best Programme with Multiple Presenters

Gold: Dave Warren & Christine Rowley
Hospital Radio Basingstoke

"Good to create talking points and to involve the listeners too. Great to get out-and-about on the wards - this really made the presenters feel involved and with the requests. Nice clear and precise voices."

Silver: Requestline Hospital Radio Plymouth

"Lovely to have a nice request show, and always nice to have a few corny gags and impressions too! Great to put a smile on the listeners' face. Two lovely and complimentary voices; and a great variety of music too."

Bronze: Ward Bingo Radio Cherwell

"Radio ward bingo in hospital is a wonderful idea. Listeners feel looked-after and involved. Good fun and lively. Great relationship and banter between Susie and Roy."

.National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Best Programme with Multiple Presenters

Play Dave Warren & Christine Rowley's
Gold Entry

Play Hospital Radio Plymouth's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Cherwell's
Bronze Entry


Station Promo or Trailer

Gold: Whipps Cross Zoo
Whipps Cross Hospital Radio

"Some of the listeners were an absolute gift for this promo! An amusing promo that met its brief."

Silver: New Members CHBN

"Interesting retro-style to this promo, with good sound effects that assist in the delivery of a clear message with humour"

Bronze: The Thursday Experience Radio Brockley

"We loved the variety of patient voices in this promo. It highlighted the variety of age groups, with wisely-chosen comments proving the value of music - and therefore hospital radio - to people"

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Station Promotion

Collected on behalf of Whipps Cross Hospital Radio by Steve Hickman

Play Whipps Cross'
Gold Entry

Play CHBN's
Silver Entry

Play Radio Brockley's
Bronze Entry


Fundraiser of the Year

Winner: John Gerrans
Hospital Radio Plymouth

John joined HR Plymouth in 2013, and has been instrumental in bringing in vital funds ever since - even taking part in his own sponsored walk. His tireless efforts have seen collections talking place in all major supermarkets. Everyone at the station says he's quickly become a vital asset, often stepping-in at short notice to help arrange of take-over events if required. He's a credit to all those fundraising volunteers across the country.

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - Fundraiser of the Year

Collected on John's behalf by Andrew Hill


The John Whitney Award

Winner: Ted Hanson MBE
Radio Horton

"Ted is a former journalist who, back in 1964, had the idea to create a hospital radio station in the local area. It meant a year of detailed planning, buying equipment and admin. Since then, Ted has devoted most of his life to Radio Horton. Ted played an integral part in the station's recent 50th anniversary celebrations, with a special programme from the care home where he now resides. He's described as an inspiration and, despite deteriorating health is still held in the highest regard by all who know him."

National Hospital Radio Awards 2015 - The John Whitney Award

Presented to Ted Hanson MBE by Radio Horton

Photo Credit: Claire Brow of The Ridings Care Home, Banbury