Patient’s Musical Fund-Raiser

In mid April, while collecting requests at Glasgow’s Beatson cancer hospital, ward visitor Isabel Vincent was asked by patient Ronnie Thompson if HBS could record a song that he’d just written which was about taking a positive approach to life despite a daily battle with the disease.

Ronnie has sung in pubs and clubs around the city for more than 20 years and despite being in hospital, he had his guitar with him to help pass the time.  It was while strumming away one day that he hit on the idea of writing a positive song about coping with cancer and selling recordings of it to raise much needed funds for some of the cancer charities that provide additional support to patients in the Beatson.

Within a couple of hours of Ronnie asking Isabel if HBS could help, the wheels were in motion and plans were quickly in place to record Ronnie in the hospital’s cinema room.  However it soon became clear that Ronnie’s voice wasn’t as strong as needed as he was suffering from a throat infection and was also generally quite weak.

So with Ronnie’s blessing we enlisted the help of professional folk singer and broadcaster, Alastair McDonald.  He was delighted to help and had a number of meetings with Ronnie at the hospital, learning the song and agreeing on how it should be delivered.

With the recording of the track "Take Some Time" now complete the final step is to produce CDs and also make the song downloadable for donations to the Beatson Cancer Charity.