Thank You Hospital Radio Hastings

Hospital volunteers were thanked for their services to patients at the Conquest Hospital, Hastings at a Volunteers Celebration Event. The ceremony was attended by around 70 volunteers and some received certificates for their long service. A total of 36 achieved 10 years’ service and one person had volunteered for 30 years.

Mick Brooks, a volunteer for Hospital Radio Hastings, was presented with his 10-year certificate. He said he had spent a lot of time in hospital and had to give up work so needed something to do and a friend suggested volunteering at the hospital. He went along, had an interview and has been there ever since.

‘I do a couple of hours a day on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s good fun working with such a great team. I find the work rewarding because I am giving something back to the patients by entertaining them. I would recommend anyone with some time to spare to join the volunteer helpers in our hospitals.’

Richard Sunley, deputy chief executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said, ‘We are extremely grateful to the work undertaken by the many volunteers in our hospitals. They all share one common thing – they give the precious gift of time.’