Watford Celebrates 60 & the HBA President Joins Them

I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit and join in the celebrations – a 60 hour broadcast which started on Saturday 26th September and continued until Monday 28th.

The Mayor started off the proceedings and I was the last guest to be in attendance on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Many visitors had to take part in the 60 second challenge(yes no option, it was obligatory) – it was great fun – and guess who won!

Richard Smith of A to Z of Pop also took part producing a 2 hour programme on Sunday evening.

I was able to present the station with its 60 year Station Certificate along with several certificates to members in attendance – it all took place on air.

A memorable time was trying to get to the hospital – Watford Football Ground is right next to the hospital and the traffic was stopped and the road was closed by the police in order to let the incredible number of fans get to the ground. Sorry to say that Watford lost to Crystal Palace.

Many congratulations to all members of Watford Hospital Radio for achieving their milestone of 60 years and for managing to stay awake for the broadcast too. I am sure many members will look forward to visiting them when at conference in March next year.

Well done and here’s to the next 60 years!

Best wishes and thanks
June Snowden, President, HBA